7 Terms Everyone in the Energy Sector Should Know

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Energy production, distribution, and management is changing across the world. With many countries and big players turning from non-renewable energy sources to sustainable energy, a whole new world of energy seems to be birthed soon. However, just like every other sector of human activities, the energy sector has certain terms that are peculiar to it. Everyone in the energy sector is expected to be familiar with some of these energy terms, and this is why we have decided to provide you with about 7 of them.


Biomass simply refers to any organic matter that can be renewed and it could be feed stocks from plants or animals or waste coming from industrial sources and activities. Energy gotten from biomass products is referred to as bioenergy.


Geothermal is an energy term that is used to refer to clean energy resource gotten by digging deep into the surface of the earth. This is a very important term because energy gotten from it, and referred to as geothermal energy, is not only sustainable in nature, but also free from greenhouse gasses.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy refers to any energy that is gotten from natural sources that can be replenished. The common forms of renewable energy include energy gotten from water, sun, and wind. These sources are said to be renewable because they are inexhaustible even though their flow can be limited by specific actions.


Any energy that is gotten from water is known as hydropower. Hydropower systems and methods vary from one place to another, but they account for a large portion of power generation across the globe. Turbines, for example, are hydropower systems that are used to produce electricity.

Solar Power

Solar power refers to the energy generated from the sun to a medium. Some of the channels you can use to generate energy from the sun includes a solar panel or photovoltaic systems among others. Photovoltaic systems in this context converts sunlight into electricity that can be used to power devices in the home or workplace. Solar panels, on the other hand, concentrate the energy of the sun into an engine and the engine in turn generates electricity for use.

Wave Power

Wave Power is the kinetic and potential energy gotten from ocean waves. This mode of energy generation is not only renewable, but also surplus, even though it can be limited. With a very huge potential, the future seems bright for this tidal power generation as many countries in Europe are already looking toward exploring it for their power demands.

Tidal Power

Energy that is gotten from the tidal movement of the sea is referred to as tidal power. To produce electricity, this power type makes use of the differential that exists between low and high tides. Asides from being one of the many sustainable energy options, tidal power is carbon free and predictable. This energy type was first tested in 2018 and in that year alone, it generated several record levels of production.

While these are not all of the terms everyone in the energy sector should know, they are the most important ones. Not only will they help you understand how things work in the sector currently, they will also give you an insight as to the direction in which energy generation, production, and distribution is taking in the coming years. Being aware of these terms also helps you to know which is being used per time, and how it is being used.