5 Businesses Doing a Great Job in the Telecom Industry in 2020

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The Telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in recent times. Having fully adopted the use of sophisticated technologies to transmit information, people’s interactions with themselves have changed. With wireless mobile and internet technology largely replacing wireline telephone, radio, and television, the telecom industry seems to be improving rapidly. In the industry, there are several businesses that are doing a great job in 2020 and we shall be examining about 5 of them briefly.

AT&T Inc.

This company is a holding company that specializes in providing communication and entertainment services to users across the globe. Basic services that are being provided by this business include internet services, digital audio and video services, featured film services, wireless communications, gaming production and distribution, telecommunications items, and a host of other products and services. This year, the total generated revenue of this business is said to be about $175 billion and a market cap of about $210 billion. Asides from the many products and services that it offers, the company also operates several TV sports network.

Verizon Communications Inc.

Another popular business that is doing just fine in the telecom industry is Verizon Communications Inc. Established as a holding company; Verizon specializes in the provision of communications, information, and entertainment materials and services. Wireless voice and data services are what this business offers primarily. However, asides from these, it also offers data and video communication products and services that have, and will continue to serve a wide audience. This business has revenue of about $129 billion and a market cap of $237 billion.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Popular for the many telecommunications and entertainment services that it provides, this Japan-based holding company is one that is doing a great job in the telecom industry. It offers quality products and services to individuals and other businesses which are mainly domestic intra-prefectural communication services. These communication services include voice-related and packet communication services. It also offers system integration and network system services for small businesses across the world. It currently has a revenue figure of about $109 billion and a market cap of $84 billion.

Deutsche Telekom AG

This is a telecom company that is based in Germany, but has branches across the world. It is a primary provider of both telecommunications and information services. As an established business, it offers telephone services, internet access products, and mobile communication services. Over the years, it has been able to provide products and services to several customers across Germany, Europe, U.S., and several parts of the world. It has a revenue figure of about $89 billion and market cap of $79 billion.

SoftBank Group Corporation

SoftBank Group Corp. is another Japan-based company that specializes in communication and internet-related businesses and services. Since the establishment of this business, it has provided private individuals and other businesses with mobile terminals and communication services. It also makes available computer software and operates several e-commerce businesses where it sells software tools. It currently has a revenue figure of about $57 billion and market cap of about $123 billion.

As pointed out earlier, there are several other businesses that are doing a great job in the telecom industry but these are the leading ones. With the Industry having a bright future, there are more businesses that will explore other areas of the industry. These brands, companies or businesses will leverage on the continuous advancement of technology to ensure a more robust telecom industry.