In today’s market, telecom companies have a market value of over $200 billion. They offer services for communication, including cable television, mobile phones, and internet access. These products are everywhere, and consumers have countless options for communication. And telecom companies offer all sorts of packages, from individual channels to all-inclusive. For consumers who want to start a business or make their own living through video streaming, telecom companies are who you turn to for internet & hosting services. These businesses also offer mobile and telephone devices of all make and model. When it comes to television offerings, they also sell channel subscriptions, either individually or with all-in-1 packages for whatever viewers want. It is the competition among the major telecom companies that drive innovation, starting from old cellular towers to the newest 5G for mobile devices. Internet hosting is also a common business model for these companies. It is common to send internet messages through the newest fiber optic cables in the gigabyte range; a far cry from dial-up or early transmissions in the tens of megabytes. This allows for stutter-free streaming of television binge sessions, or for people or to hold virtual meetings with their business partners or clients. That is a good solution in today’s environment, allowing for asymmetrical business options. And the mobile market is now affordable and available to just about everyone.