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At LuminaBlog we are very conscious of the changes happening in our society and the changing ways that people now choose to purchase products and services online. We welcome these changes and look upon them as an opportunity to be embraced. We provide a service that sees customer reviews as an important part of this new consumer landscape, and we recognize that there needs to be a framework within which feedback should be presented. As such, there are some rules in place that govern posting of reviews on our website. These rules are there for everybody’s protection, and ensure that our website remains transparent and fair. We are committed to ensuring that our platform is free from all forms of abuse.


We take your privacy very seriously. We understand our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) regarding data protection and privacy within the EU. We are bound by our obligations to these regulations to ensure that the privacy of users of our website is maintained, and that individual users have control over the way their personal data is used. As such, we have in place technical and organizational measures designed to implement the principles of data protection described in the regulations. We want our platform to be a safe place where you can leave and read trustworthy reviews describing your experience with any service or brand. In doing so, we promise to never share your data with third parties unless you give us express permission to do so. Thus, we ensure that any company reviewed is done so in an impartial and objective manner, and the impression given of them is reliable and trustworthy.


When you leave a review or respond to a review on LuminaBlog , that review or response remains solely your opinion, and not the opinion of LuminaBlog . All reviews and responses hosted on LuminaBlog remain the opinion of the poster, and are not the opinion of LuminaBlog We cannot be held responsible for the opinions of posters to our site, however, we always remove any content that violates our guidelines. In addition, we also remove any personally identifying information from any post, and will indicate when we have done so.


If you have had any interaction with a company or brand offering a service, then we ask you to be as open, complete and honest as you can be when writing your review. We want you to share your experience in full, regardless of that experience being a positive or negative one. We want you to focus only on the facts of the experience as this will ensure the integrity of your post. It is our belief that only through openness and transparency can we build a worthwhile and trustworthy review library. When necessary, we will approach the author of any review for further clarification to support their statements. Examples of this could include, but not be limited to, asking for access to email conversations or proofs of purchase. We do this because to the best of our abilities we want to avoid the possibility of any reviews appearing on our site that have not come from users who have actually bought and used the product or service that they are reviewing. To this end, we will always monitor all reviews and responses that are posted on our site. Should we notice any suspicious behavior, such as multiple reviews originating from a single IP address, multiple negative or positive reviews from a single user or any other suspicious activity we will investigate in full. The results of this investigation may result in IP blocking and/or removal of posts from our site. You agree not to use your review to post advertisements or any other call to action that may encourage a reader to click away from our site. You also agree not to divulge any personal or identifying information about yourself or others when using our site.

For Companies

If your business appears on LuminaBlog, then we reserve the right to retain final editing rights on anything we publish. LuminaBlog is an independent platform that strives to be objective and truthful in everything we publish. We will never remove reviews unless they violate our guidelines or unless both sides come to a complete agreement in the resolution of the issue. Any negative review that has been the process of any dispute that has subsequently been resolved with be marked as such.

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We use cookies to improve your experience when use use out website. Cookies are small files that are sent along with the web page that you download to your browser and are stored on your computer. These cookies can be used to store information about your identity and your browsing preferences. Information is sent back to our server on subsequent visits to our website. Some cookies are deleted when you leave a website. Other cookies are called ‘permanent cookies’ and remain on your hard drive for access on subsequent visits. If you allow us to place a cookie on your hard drive, that cookie can be used to remember your preference for subsequent visits. This means that you do not have to verify your acceptance of our cookie policy each time you visit. Cookies can be deleted from your computer by accessing your browsers settings. Google Analytics We track access to our we site via a service provided by Google Inc. Each time you access one of our web pages, information is transmitted to Google that allows us to analyze and create reports based on user interaction with our site. Google may subsequently pass this information on to third parties where those third parties process information for Google. Google may also pass information on to third parties when it is legally required to do so. We do not have any control over this transmission of data by Google. We have not given Google permission to use any data collected for any other Google service, and effort is made to ensure that your information remains as anonymous as possible. We do not collect your IP address and do not pass on your IP address to Google. Any information transmitted to Google is stored on their servers in the United States. Google adheres to the Privacy Shield principles and is affiliated with the Privacy Shield program. This program regulates the transmission of data between the EU and the US. Your Data You are entitled to request to have your data removed from our systems at any time.