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    The energy industry involves companies and people who harness fuel resources and distribute them to consumers. The sector is divided into two sub-categories; 'energy equipment & services' and 'oil, gas & consumable fuels.'

    The energy industry has evolved over the years that it has become an essential part of our lives. We use energy every day in our lives to the extent we have become dependent on it just like we depend on air and food to live. No industry in the world can function without some form of energy. For example, hotels need power for cooking, refrigeration, manufacturers rely on electricity to operate their production lines, and we need some energy to ride our vehicles and the list is endless. Energy is required virtually in every aspect of human life.

    For many years, people have depended on two primary sources of energy; fossil fuel and hydropower. But in the last few decades of the 20th century to date, other types of renewable energy have gained popularity as scientists and engineers continue to pursue eco-friendly and sustainable sources of energy. The trend in the energy industry is towards green energy that has less impact on the environment.

    Some energy companies deal with energy resources used to generate power using fossil fuel, wind, water, solar, nuclear, or geothermal. Once the energy has been produced, its end uses vary, but the common ones include; transportation, lighting, air conditioning, and industrial processes. The energy industry is becoming lucrative, and many companies emerge, leading to inventions and innovations in this space.

    It is imperative for energy consumers to read online reviews to set apart companies that offer cheap energy tariffs and products that are sustainable and stands the test of time.