10 Surprising Stats about Telecom Industry In 2020

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10 Surprising Stats about Telecom Industry In 2020

10 Surprising Stats about Telecom Industry In 2020

The telecommunications industry is a very vital one for its ability to keep individuals, businesses, and communities connected with themselves. This has been through a carefully designed system that enables instant transmission of signals and messages from one place to another. Today, individuals can talk to themselves, engage in video calls, and carry out activities regardless of their location. This is such a great feat that has contributed to the civilization experienced across the globe. While that is a great one, let us examine some surprising stats about the telecom industry in 2020.

  • There was a massive increase in the revenue of major companies from what was recorded in the previous years. Capex mobile industry worldwide, for example, recorded $161 billion in revenue while that of AT&T rose to about $142 billion and Verizon has about $95 billion.
  • The wireless telecom spending worldwide was estimated to be about $844 billion. This is a massive increase from what was recorded last year and it has been because of the establishment of other companies and businesses in the industry.
  • There are also a current number of mobile connections worldwide placed at about 7.66 billion. As more businesses and companies have increased the work they do in the telecom industry, it is only expected that this figure will rise and maybe double what we have now in the next 5 years. This prediction is based on possible diversification of the telecom industry.
  • The mobile connection for North America alone is about 408 million. North America amounts for about 12.5% of the global mobile communication. This is a clear indication of advancement of the telecom industry in that region.
  • The current active mobile broadband subscription across the world has also hit a record 6.38 billion. While an increase was predicted about 5 years ago, this figure far surpasses that which was predicted.
  • With regards to spending, the fixed telecom spending worldwide amounts to about $525 billion as at 2020. As the telecom industry expands on a global scale, the expected consequence is that there will be more spending to ensure quality of communication products and services.
  • The fixed date telecom spending worldwide is said to be about $308 billion as at 2020 while the fixed telephone lines worldwide is about $931 million.
  • As at the first quarter of 2020, the US recorded a total number of about 103 million broadband subscribers. This makes the country the largest cable and telephone providers in the world. This figure is different from the about 1.25 million additional broadband internet subscribers not included.
  • The telecom industry currently records about 8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide and there is an estimation that this figure will increase to about 9 billion by the year 2022.
  • China and India are currently rated to have the highest number of mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions globally as at 2020. The United States seems to be coming really close and might sit in the middle of these two by the year 2025.

While these statistics seem to be surprising in the way they present themselves considering that no one saw it coming, there is still a lot of surprise to brace up for in the coming years. Analysts and statistician have projected a massive growth in the telecom industry across the globe. This provides an opportunity for startups to start investing in this industry so as to be a part of the boom that is predicted to happen.