A Definitive Guide to Buying Home Theater Curtains

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Your home theater set up is simply incomplete without the inclusion of theater drapes. They help in providing you an optimal cinematic experience by limiting outside noise and echo.

Plus, if you’re already on a tight budget, then they’re a more affordable soundproofing choice than other options like acoustic panels.

Not only that but these theater drapes can also filter the light that hits your screen, making visibility of the screen better in the process. So if you’re wondering how to pick the best home theater curtains along with what other benefits they offer, then this guide has all the info that you need.

However, if you’re still trying to set up your home theater, then we recommend that you first check that out.

Now without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Do Soundproof Curtains Really Work in Home theaters?

We have to admit, just buying a curtain and hanging it up to soundproof a room does sound a little too good to be true.

That’s why we don’t blame the people who ask if it actually works because we’d probably do the same thing in their position!

But to give you a brief overview, almost all movie room curtains claim to be soundproof and can effectively reduce echo and other internal noises.

However, most of them are not effective in completely eliminating outside noise entering into the room, especially if you live in an extremely noisy neighbourhood. In that case, you might be better off purchasing soundproof windows instead.

To summarize, most quality soundproof curtains can limit outside noise to a great extent given that you don’t live in a very noisy neighbourhood. And they’re also an inexpensive option to enhance your viewing experience.

3 Benefits of Theater Curtains

1. Inexpensive

We’ve already gone over in the previous section about how soundproof curtains are the cheaper option compared to for example acoustic panels, or soundproof windows. Furthermore, they are also simpler to implement in your home theater.

2. Blocks the Light

If you decide to buy soundproof curtains that also act as blackout curtains, then you’re getting an all-in-one solution. That’s because these curtains will keep the sunlight out and give the room a cool and dim theater ambience.

Theater drapes will especially be useful during those bright summer mornings when even the sun wakes early.

3. Beautifies the Room

An obvious benefit common to all types of curtains is that they beautify the room they’re in. Hence, installing them will give your room a fancier look. The same applies for concession stands, you can read more on how to build one in our home theater concession stand.guide.

3 Tips to Choose Quality Home Theater Curtains

1. Quality of Material and Weight

Be careful not to expect every thick curtain to be soundproof even though many vendors may market them as such. An actual soundproof curtain weighs at least 7 Kg or 15 lbs.

So, you should actually judge a curtain’s soundproofing ability from its weight. The reason they’re so heavy is because they are created from materials like wool, faux suede or quilted fiberglass.

Hence, if you find any that fulfill these requirements then they can be great curtains for your theater room. Otherwise, at least be sure to visit a trustable shop.

2. Tightly Woven and Layered

The soundproof variety of curtains are almost always very tightly woven and solid. In addition, some curtains have extra layers, and those layers make them more effective in reducing outside noise. If you’re shopping online, then you’d likely find this info in the product description.

3. Thickness

Apart from the two ways described above, thickness is another feature you could check to see if curtains are soundproof. Usually, curtains that are soundproof have a thickness of about 2 inches so they should be pretty easy to identify.

Are Home theater Curtains Really Necessary: In Closing

Home theater curtains do not soundproof a room as efficiently as a soundproof window or other more professional methods. However, they still remain an increasingly popular option among the general public.

The reason being that it offers more than enough sound reduction for most people and allows them to enjoy their home theater without too much outside noise.

To sum up, soundproof curtains may not be the best method to soundproof your home theater, but when compared to other methods, their cheaper and simpler nature makes them the most convenient.

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