What is a "smocked dress" and how can you style it?

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It's all too easy to get stuck in the biggest designer pieces while buying new summery outfits and end up purchasing a dress or top that doesn't quite fit your style. That’s why reading online shopping reviews are important to consider before getting started. All the talks aside, let us introduce you to one of the most flexible products on our buying lists this season: smocked dresses.

These dresses originated in England in the 19th century. The big smock dress craze isn't going anywhere. However, it isn't a brand-new concept. Since 2018, smock dresses have been seen on industry bloggers and stylish icons. With fashion shop reviews, it is easier to buy a perfect dress.

What is a smocked dress?

The smock dress is roomy in form, loose, and composed of lightweight fabrics. It's a really relaxing dress because it's not composed of tight or elastic fabrics that might irritate your skin after a few hours of wear. Smocks were traditionally fashioned of agricultural textiles such as linen or wool and came in a variety of lengths.

Styling ideas with an edgy vibe

If you've been looking for a simpler trend or just need additional summer style inspiration, scroll down and check styling ideas for smocked dresses! These styling ideas are inspired by different fashion bloggers which were loved by people. All you have to do is buy them from a verified and best fashion store.

Plaid Smocked dress with a statement necklace

Although a mock dress is a loose-fitting frock that looks informal and breathable, it may also be styled in a more formalized setting. A black and white plaid smock dress serves as the foundation for this business casual ensemble. To obtain a basic and professional style, simply combine it with pale pink pointy toe shoes and a stunning necklace.

Midi smocked dress with a floppy hat

The chambray shirt has long been a staple in the realm of casual wear. Wearing a chambray midi smock dress or perhaps a shift may also make you seem easygoing and attractive. To complete the look, a refreshing blue and white dress is recommended with either white sandals. Head over to Beachsissi and complete the look with the trendy midi-smocked dress.

Mini smocked dress with ankle boots

Let's take a look at a more young and fashionable style now. Choose a gray plaid small smock dress that is relaxed and airy. To obtain a fashionable simple style, pair the dress with black leather ankle boots.

Plaid smock dress with a leather jacket

If you’re looking forward to wearing a jacket with a smock dress, make a pair with a plaid smock dress and a leather jacket. You can also consider a denim jacket, but make it a second choice. To complete the classy appearance, pair the items with white sneakers and buy the leather jacket from UpWest which is a top clothing brand that offers quality products with a return and exchange policy (within 60 days of purchase).

Puff sleeve smock dress with boots

A smock dress can be not only loose-fitting but also enormous as a whole. One of the best styling ideas is: Wear a puff sleeve smock dress with a light pendant or statement necklace. To complete the look, add boots to the style. If you’re wearing a light color smock dress, pair it up with dark color boots and vice versa. For this look, a smock chiffon dress is a perfect consideration.

We adore the smock dress, and we think you will as well!

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