How can you buy the right fanny pack for yourself?

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There's a rationale why there are so many aficionados of the fanny pack. This classic piece is both functional and fashionable. This portable and convenient product keeps your things secure whether you’re at night out, hiking, or running.

While many people believe that carrying a fanny pack is out of style, this sort of pack is truly highly functional and should not be dismissed only based on its appearance. With so many options available, purchasers may be unsure how to choose the best fanny pack for their requirements. You can read the blogs on LuminaBlog to find out the basic knowledge about the different categories including online shopping, energy, dating, foods & drinks, finances, insurances and much more! Also, you can find out the best shopping websites through people’s reviews and feedback.

In the 90s, fanny packs were taken as an “uncool style” …

But nowadays, fanny packs are trending. Yes, still! It shows that functionality is important for people. These packs are a must-have thing for hikers and runners. From Tokyo streets to the Netherlands mountains, people prefer fanny packs over backpacks. Being a tried-and-true accessory, it has become an important part of travellers’ packing lists. Clear fanny packs are more in trend.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic “How can you buy the right fanny pack?” and find out what buyers can look into before purchasing a fanny pack.

Security concerns related to the fanny packs

Fanny packs are very secure that someone can’t steal anything from you unless they push you to the ground and unzip it. You should be careful and aware of pickpockets.

Are fanny packs safe to travel?

Travelling with a fanny pack is safe since it keeps your things protected and conveniently at reach. Fanny packs, unlike wheeled travel bags or duffle bags, may be worn around your waist for enhanced security and anti-theft protection. Kids’ fanny packs are also safe to travel to. However, wearing a fanny pack while travelling might draw attention to you as a tourist, making you vulnerable to pickpockets. For increased security, keep anything more expensive, such as credit cards and passports, in an inside zippered compartment of your belt bag. It's a good idea to keep your passport secure in your hotel room.

Things to look for when buying a fanny pack

Now you can’t define a fanny pack as a pouch and a supporting strap. It is more than that now. You have additional pockets to keep valuables with you. There are built-in iPod jacks that provide extra convenience for Apple users. Moreover, they come in different sizes and colours. As the additional convenience is added to the fanny pack, more things are here to consider when buying.


The convenience of using your fanny pack is defined by the material used. For hiking, you can buy a water-resistant nylon-made fanny pack. A plastic fanny pack is good for your stadium event. Satin or silk fanny packs are best if you want to make any fashion statement or want to have some chic style.


When it relates to your fanny pack, the organisation is key. You can continue on the go if you remember where all of your essentials are. If you're carrying a lot of stuff, many sections could come in handy.

Some fashionable packs, on the other hand, just have one front bag. This may be enough for regular usage, but it is unlikely to be adequate for sports or travel.

Choose the right size

You don't want a bag that's either too little to fit all of your essentials or too big to lure you to bring more than you need. When travelling, the items you bring with you may be substantially larger than those you bring when purchasing. As a result, you may need to acquire many bags for various needs. Also, make sure the strap is flexible so you may relax or shorten it as needed on your waist.


It is preferable for you to get a single fanny bag that is extremely durable. It effectively protects your things from rainfall, perspiration, and moisture. The waterproof fanny pack's excellent water-resistant nylon exterior material makes it extremely sturdy and resistant to scratches.

Other additional features

Fanny packs provide a variety of little functions for your ease. The flexible waist belt is suited for a variety of people, including children and adults. The headphone slot allows you to listen to music or take a call without pulling your phone out of your pocket while jogging.

For plus size fanny packs, there are extended straps that provide extra flexibility and ease.


A lightweight fanny pack will relieve some of the tension on your shoulders when holding it, so this is something to think about, particularly if you'll be carrying a lot with you.

REMEMBER to double-check the storage capacity

Knowing how much a bag can contain is just as important as knowing its exact dimensions. Despite the fact that some fanny packs are small, they may include compartments that allow a person to carry more items. Bag volume is usually expressed in cubic inches, so ask the salesperson or seller for the exact capacity before choosing a model.

Purchase one made of high-quality materials

Because these bags are faced with hundreds of wear and tear, buying a well-made bag is always a smart option. Lighter, unless it's leather, usually denotes inexpensive cloth that tears rapidly. Ripstop is a lighter, high-quality fabric that is utilised in a range of sporting apparel. This fabric is used to make parachutes, hang gliders, and hot air balloons.

There is no one "right" way to wear a fanny pack.

Fanny packs are useful not only for their convenience but also for their adaptability. They may be worn over your shoulder, over your chest, or simply swung across your back. Play about with the strap until you find the most comfortable position. There is no one "right" way to wear a fanny pack. To summarise, anyone can put one on. A fanny pack is also so versatile that you may wear it with almost everything except a suit or a dress.

Fanny pack is a unisex item …

Fanny packs for men are different in style, design, and colour. Men effortlessly slay the look in the fanny packs which shows that fanny packs are unisex items. These are not limited to one gender. Also, fanny packs for women are different that also extended the fashion industry!

It’s up to you to choose the design and colours

Fashion is about showing yourself, so make sure you enjoy your fanny pack and not someone else's. Do you want something one-of-a-kind and fashionable? Get a patterned fanny pack. Want suggestions for colours? Go with some general hues.

Or follow the colour wheel! Wear the fanny pack colour with the colour opposite to your outfit you found on the colour wheel.

When to wear a fanny pack?

Fanny packs come in a variety of sizes and designs, making them quite adaptable. While you may stay up with fashion trends by carrying a fanny pack on a regular basis, there are specific situations where a waist pack is very useful.


On hiking, we can’t keep a backpack on our shoulders or a purse in our hands because we’re already sweating and tired. In this case, a fanny pack is good to have as it can store all the essentials we need when hiking.


Fanny packs are quite useful for bikers. Most bike shorts lack pockets, and carrying a bag may be problematic. A little fanny pack, on the other hand, is the ideal position for your smartphone and important accessories.

Running or Jogging

People prefer fanny packs while running or jogging - especially water bottle fanny packs with which they can keep themselves hydrated and all the required essentials are with them.


Summer hours and big crowds make carrying huge bags full of items challenging. As a result, fanny packs are an excellent choice for festival-goers. Festivals are also a great chance to get a trendy pack with bright colours and designs.

Carry your necessities in style with you wherever you’re going.

A Fanny pack is way more comfortable than you think …

A fanny pack is a far better alternative if you're used to having cargo trousers with all the pockets loaded — with your phone, wallet, keys, gum, and a spare t-shirt and find it comfortable. The same goes for females who drag about huge bags stuffed with everything yet can't seem to find their keys or phones. You're well aware that you don't require all of it. Choose a bag in which you can really find what you're searching for as a favour to yourself.

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