How to style a fanny pack for women?

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Fanny packs come in a variety of sizes and designs, making them incredibly flexible. Fanny packs in plus sizes are also offered nowadays. While wearing a fanny pack on a daily basis can keep you looking fashionable, there are times when a waist pack is very beneficial.

Go for a chic maxi dress

A fanny pack can always give a street-style touch to any look, whether you choose a stylish maxi dress or an easygoing shirt dress. With this style, experiment with mixing colours. You can use a colour wheel (considering opposite colours) to contrast the colour of your dress and fanny pack.

Plus size fanny packs are also in trend to meet the needs of plus-size people so that they can keep up with the trends.

You can't go wrong with a Blazer if you're not sure how to dress a fanny pack.

Every trendy girl has been sporting this ideal combination of cool and elegant. It generates a belt vision if you wear it in the middle of your waist. It gives the whole thing a more fascinating and unusual appearance.

Around batten down the volume of a bright puffy jacket, put a stylish, sleek fanny pack to the waistline.

Wear a fanny pack when running

"Where to put the phone when running?" is one of the first things a rookie runner will ask in today's world. Yes, it's a major concern, and jogging with your smartphone in your hand isn't the solution. You'll feel sore in your arm muscles and won't be able to run effortlessly.

A thin belt may be the way to choose for anyone searching for a compromise between convenience and holding capacity. There are belts with expanding zipper pockets where you may put your ID or phone, as well as a few other items. Belts with zippers are a fantastic choice if you don't want your belongings to slip out while jogging.

You can wear a fanny pack when …


To keep everything close at hand, hikers prefer fanny packs. Look for the size and material while buying the finest hiking fanny pack. Your belongings will be protected by a much bigger, waterproof bag.


Biking shorts without pockets are common, and carrying a bag is problematic. So, a little fanny pack is a fantastic option to put your phone, keys, and valuables.

Going on festive events

It is quite challenging to carry handbags with you whenever you’re out on long days and in a large crowd during gatherings. Here, fanny packs are a popular choice among festival-goers. Festivals are also a fantastic place to pick up a trendy pack with vibrant colours and patterns - such as those offered by Mclabels!

Where can you get the fanny packs?

Daniello is a brand that sells fanny packs of all sizes with different styles. You can try their bags and leave feedback so that other people can make their decisions effectively. Another considerable option is Cettire which sells fashion-forward items for fashionistas.

Fanny packs seen in style

Designers teamed the crossover bag with thick jackets and heavy sunglasses at Paris Fashion Week in October 2020. Furthermore, the utilitarian design of the bag generated an appearance that influenced the contour of the overall ensemble, giving it a distinctly new style.

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