Long Distance Dating: Is it Really Worth It?

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Not being around your partner in a relationship can be challenging. Dating can prove to be a hassle even when you live around your partner, not to talk of being far apart from the love of your life. In spite of these seeming challenges, there are many stories of couples who have made their relationship work irrespective of the distance that exists between them. However, there are also sad stories of failed relationships due to distances. This then leads to the question, is long distance relationship really worth it?

The consensus is that, it takes putting in some extra effort from both parties unlike in relationships where distance is not a problem, to make things work. Should you, however, make this effort to make things work? Is it really worth it?

Before concluding if it is worth it to make the sacrifices required to make your distance-affected relationship work, there are some important things to consider.

  • Your Nature

This bit is very important to determine the form your exciting, new, but marred-by-distance relationship is going to take, after some time. What are you and your partners like? Will you both be troubled by the lack of each other’s presence? For instance, some people would rather drown themselves in work during the week, and take occasional trips to see their partners, to go on fun outings during the weekends or even once every two weeks. These types of people may survive a relationship hampered by distance. However, both partners have to be like this for things to work. If you are the kind of person who always wants to see your partner every now and then, long distance relationship might not be your thing, and the distance could hamper how well your relationship goes. The best situation is when you both have similar traits, it might be worth it then, to try to make your long-distance relationship work.

  • The Point You Are Right Now

Where you and your partner are is a big factor to weigh, in considering if you should even make an effort to make a long-distance relationship work. The different things happening in your lives could mean you both are differently needy of affection and intimacy at different points in time. A person trying to gain admission into a college, for example, might not always have the time to talk about what is going on with their partner. They are mostly busy studying, and when they do try to talk, most of the conversation might be dominated by their fears of failing to get admitted into college, or what they are doing to ensure success. Of course, college is just an example here, it could be anything from pressure at work and more. This example is just to show how being at different points in life can hamper a long-distance relationship.

  • Love Language

Before deciding to give your all into a long-distance relationship, it is important to know what your partner’s love language is. It might seem trivial but a lot of stories do affirm that taking the love language of your partner seriously, could help you improve how best to relate with them. Is your partner’s love language that of touch? If yes, you might be required to make more effort compared to being with a partner whose love language is giving gifts. There is no doubt that your partner’s love language will make or mar a long distance relationship.

Bottom Line

Deciding if it would be worth it to make an effort to be in a long distance relationship rests on the outcome of your initial survey of your partner. Your relationship is worth the effort if you look out and find early signs that making sacrifices for your partner would yield a prosperous relationship. If not, is there really a need?