Healthy Food and Drinks Options You Should Consider for a Late Night Meal

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Healthy Food and Drinks Options You Should Consider for a Late Night Meal

Healthy Food and Drinks Options You Should Consider for a Late Night Meal

Late-night snacking is an enjoyable activity. People, however, run from eating or drinking late in the night because of all the fitness evangelism against how it is a catalyst for weight gain. Once the phrase ‘weight gain’ is attached to an activity, people tend to treat that activity like the plague; running from it. So, it is late in the night, you’ve had your dinner but your tummy is still rumbling on, what do you do if not have a late bite? You can try water but it just doesn’t always cut it. Late-night snacking isn’t as bad in truth, especially if the right choice in food is made. To put a number to it, a nutrient-rich snack of 200 calories or less will do your weight plan no harm at night. In the end, taking some foods and drinks at this point won’t be totally bad, and some can even help you sleep better. But, what are the right choices of food and drinks you should consider?

Protein Smoothie

Protein helps in muscle development. Eating some snacks rich in protein can help in repairing damaged muscle tissue. Downing a protein smoothie is a healthy way to kill two birds with one stone, i.e. giving your body nutrient it needs to build up some muscle and satisfying your urge or hunger for food. You can check out for the perfect protein smoothies you can make which will be under the required calorie level.

Honey Sandwich

Throw down two slices of bread and slap some honey right between them. Bread is rich in carbohydrates so it will give you energy. Honey is rich in anti-oxidants so you would be keeping your cells happy and your tummy too. Try not to have more than two slices though, as it is easy to quickly exceed the calorie limit with this combo.

Goji Berries

They have a rich supply of antioxidants and carotenoids. You can make them into a juice or simply eat through their sweet juicy skin. Preliminary studies show they help people sleep better and help people wake up better too. Goji berries can interfere with diabetes medication so it is wise to check with your doctor before filling your home with some.

Greek Yoghurt

This isn’t necessarily a low-calorie food. One container of Greek yogurt could amount to about a hundred calories in hand, but, it does leave the opportunity to get creative with toppings. You can add berries, honey, or granola to satisfy your cravings a bit more.


Eggs are an incredibly versatile dish. Versatile because of how easy it is to combine them with other foods to make a healthy meal. You can eat them boiled or scrambled. It is quick and easy to have an egg ready for eating. Feeling adventurous? You can slice up the boiled egg into a bowl of coleslaw with mayonnaise to make a quick salad. You can even pre-make this early in the day and refrigerate it till when you need to eat. Eggs give you some space to throw in other foods into the mix because they are low-calorie. One large egg has less than 100 calories.

Trail Mix

It is a snack mix of some sort that typically contains a combination of granola, dried fruits, and nuts. It can contain more and what it is made up of, it is really up to you. There are pre-made mixes but you can make your own. Make sure your mix contains dried fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Late-night snacking can be healthy as well as satisfying. You don’t have to be afraid of adding weight if you pick the right mix of food and drinks.