Courier Services

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Courier Services

Do you need to send a parcel or a package? Do you need to send it abroad? Is it an unusual shape, or maybe unusually heavy?

You may have considered using the regular mail, but there’s always the option of sending via a specialized courier service.

Often, the service you get will be tailored to your requirements and you can be sure that your shipment will get where you need it to be with far less hassle.

What Are Courier Services

Courier service companies ship things of all shapes, sizes and weights from your location to just about anywhere in the world.

From a document to a whole shipping container load of pallets, there is a courier service that will suit you needs.

What Service Do I Need?

Working out what service you need usually begins with a few simple questions.

Where are you sending the item

If you are sending documents either locally or abroad, then you will most likely need the services of a traditional courier company.

For small items like documents, local courier deliveries, within you city can be picked up and delivered to their destination within hours. Local services will advertise within the city and will be easy to find on the internet.

If the destination is abroad, then international courier firms will have local pick-ups. Many even drop-off points in your city where you can take your parcel at a convenient time for you.

A local service is always going to be a better choice for you if the delivery point is not far away. Local companies know the area and are much more likely to give a personalized service.

How heavy is the item

An item’s weight very often determines the speed of delivery. Heavier items are more difficult to transport.

In the case of very heavy items being sent abroad, you are going to have to decide if you want to send it surface mail, which may involve shipping, or if it will be sent airmail.

Airmail is always quicker, but for heavier items can be prohibitively expensive.

You will most likely send heavy items abroad using sea transit options which involve containerizing your items either in their own container or sharing a container with others.

How large is the item

Again, here, you will need to consider where you are sending it. If it’s a really bulky and heavy item that’s going abroad, then you will probably need to consider surface mail and/or containerized shipping in order to reduce costs.

EMS Services

EMS, or Express Mail Service is a unique courier service operated by a consortium of national postal services in over 185 countries worldwide.

The EMS service offers a courier-like postal service with 3 to 5 business day shipping time.

Packages can be up to 2Kg in weight and sent internationally.

Sending packages via EMS can bring about significant savings over traditional couriers.

Other Unusual Services

No matter what you have to send, there will be a service to cater for you.

Large, heavy and delicate items like scientific equipment or musical instruments can be shipped by dedicated shippers who are trained in the careful handling of such items.

Dangerous goods such as explosives and gasses have their own dedicated shipping services as well.

And if you are going on holiday and want to travel with a lot of luggage, there are even dedicated luggage forwarding options which can be very competitive compared to buying excess luggage from your airline.