A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

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Change is delivered to us these days by technology. Technology is here to ease our daily activities, reduce stress, and overall improve the quality of our lives. Our personal reservations may make us frown at these life-changing devices but the earlier we embrace them, the better for us. Are you a smoker? If yes, why haven’t you switched to vaping? Vaping is one of the recent technologies with the aim of reducing risk and harm to us as humans. Vaping can be described as the act of inhaling and exhaling nicotine vapor from an electronic cigarette. Vaping is not smoking!

Why Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes or ‘e-Cigarrettes’ are healthier than normal cigarette sticks. Well, you know how they say that “smokers are liable to die young”; it’s because they know how much damage normal cigarettes can do to your health. Normal cigarettes deliver nicotine into your body by burning the tobacco. This burning process releases other toxins into your body system which affect the lungs, hearts, and even the brain. Electronic cigarettes or vapes are made to deliver only nicotine into your body. No extra substances and no harm. This has made it a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have also been found to be cheaper than normal cigarettes. Studies have shown that an average smoker spends about $7000 yearly on cigarettes. With vapes, you only end up spending about a thousand dollars ($1000) yearly, and that is a huge amount of money you’re saving by not smoking.

How do e-Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are usually made up of an atomizer, a container for the nicotinic liquids, and a power source. The atomizer is responsible for converting the liquid into vapor to be inhaled by the users. There is no burning whatsoever during this process. The power sources are usually batteries and that is why the majority of the vapes are rechargeable.

The nicotinic liquids or e-liquids usually have other adjuvants such as sweeteners or flavorings which can be organic or artificial substances. All e-liquids are well regulated by the FDA and must be produced following their guidelines.

Who Can Vape?

Vaping can come in handy for various sets of people. The most important factor is that the person who wants to vape must be of legal age. This means that you must be either above 16, 18, or 21 depending on your country’s law (E.g. 18+ in America).

Vaping is also for people who are looking to quit smoking. Smoking is a social habit and vaping has been found to properly replace it as such. Research has shown that people who use vaping as a quitting method for smoking have it easier than those who just stop abruptly.

Vaping is also great if you are battling Nicotine addiction. The experts advise that you should vape to help your addiction because with vaping you can control the levels of nicotine you take into your body against the fixed amount of nicotine in normal cigarettes.

Closing Notes

It is important to know that Nicotine is an addictive substance and so you must be careful to watch that when vaping. Vaping has also been spread to Cannabidiol or CBD oils and this, though highly enjoyable, has been frowned upon by the FDA. With all of these in your arsenal, you’re better equipped to make that decision to switch to vaping today.