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    Financial services: credit and investment encompass businesses or organizations that provide money management, investment opportunities, and consultancy. They include credit unions, credit card companies, commercial banks, accounting firms, stockbrokers government-sponsored enterprises, and SACCOs. 

    Commercial banks play a crucial role in making sure the economy stays afloat. Their primary duties are to keep money safe for their customers and allowing withdrawal services to their customers. Commercial banks issue checkbooks to their customers and provide loans and mortgages. Banks have transformed over the years technologically that customers can receive banking services online. Thanks to the advancement in technology that ensures seamless customer self-services, including ATM services and online banking.

    Investment banking services' critical role is to underwrite debt and equity for public and private sectors to raise capital through IPOs and perform stock brokerage for profits on behalf of its clients. Other roles include advising mergers and takeovers and provide banking & investment products to high net worth individuals.

    Foreign exchange services and insurance services may as well be provided to clients in investment banking services. The increasing competition in the financial service sector has made the banks and other players redesign their products and services to meet customer needs and trends from within and beyond boundaries.

    Customers in the financial industry need to read online reviews to listen to what other customers are saying about the services of a financial enterprise. Online reviews will aid them in making the right investment decisions.