The weight-loss and diet industry is made of companies developing diet plans and manufacturers of weight loss supplements. Also, obesity experts and doctors play a vital role in the diet industry. The weight-loss business is booming across the globe, considering that obesity comes along with underlying health issues, say nothing of shame and mental stress obese people go through. DIY diets have stormed the center stage when it comes to weight watching. From eating habits to physical fitness, diet information is available now than it was earlier. Even online support communities offer in-person lifestyle support, and the benefit of online anonymity makes it more authentic. Bariatric surgeries have also increased in the last decade, and it is a weight loss technique that is stress-free to its buyers. A meal replacement is still popular with dieters, as reported by retailers and diet companies, while prescription drugs have been flat in the market for years. Diet and soft drinks makers with artificial sweeteners have seen a sales drop because consumers are avoiding these products to eat clean.

The diet industry has been filled up with a myriad of misinformation, especially false claims about the benefits and results of weight loss and healthy lifestyles. These claims have let to the federal trade commission to take action against deceptive, false claims. Even though law enforcement has been carried out against companies making fraudulent weight-loss claims, there is a need for consumers of health diet programs to read online reviews to filter out rogue companies that claim to offer effective dietary programs. By reading online reviews, they meet honest feedback from past clients who are either satisfied or dissatisfied.