Vacations are one of the many ways we escape the reality of work and everyday activities. Many times when planning a vacation, we plan to go somewhere we have not been before and as such we need the best hotels and resorts in that area. This is as important for a tourist as it is for one who is planning a vacation. To find the best hotel and resort, you need to work with a hospitality company or brand with a good reputation.Are you in search of the best hotels and resorts that guarantee your safety and comfort? Have you checked various online outlets and still not found that perfect place? Then, it’s time you started looking at LuminaBlog as there are a wide range of options to choose from like Hilton. About HiltonHilton is an American multinational company that was founded by Conrad Hilton and is now being managed by Christopher J. Nassetta. This company is a global one that was established as far back as 1919 and has still remained in operation since then. As at June 2020, the company claims to have over 6,000 locations worldwide. It has its headquarters in Tysons Corner, Virginia with branches in 118 countries of the world. According to its official website, it says it does what it does by the strategic partnerships it has and continues to enter with several other brands. Product and Services of HiltonThe primary product and services that Hilton offers to customers is the provision of hotels and resorts at different destination. By visiting its website and entering your location, you can find the nearest hotel or resort of this company to you. The good side to this brand is that the hotels and resorts it offers are luxurious offering you everything you need to have a worthwhile experience. The off side to it is that they come at a very expensive price that will mean you sometimes have to break your bank if you want to get in.Global Privacy Statement: While there are many talks here and there about how expensive lodging in any of hotels and resorts is, one thing is certain – your privacy is guaranteed. According to the global privacy statement that is published on their website, attention is being paid to ensure that the privacy of its customers and partners are safe. The company requires that you provide your information for effective booking and because of this, many customers want to know how safe their information is. Hilton claims that information provided to them is not accessible by any third-party without the express permission of the person who provided the information.Discount Terms and Conditions: Note that there is no fixed discount on the services that are being offered by Hilton as they are being changed from time to time. However, they always try to provide discount to customers to ensure they keep them coming. This discounts further validates how expensive their services are making it limited to some select few. Offering discount is just a way to keep existing customers and also attract new customers who cannot afford the hotels or resorts without the discount.