It is estimated that roughly 2.5 billion people play games. This estimation does not take into account active and passive gamers. It is a general overview of the number of people into the world of gaming. Despite the economic disruptions caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, the number of gamers does not dwindle. In fact, it is on the rise as games serve as a distraction from the brutal and brazen realities of the pandemic.The global casino-games top $43.6 billion in gaming revenues in 2019. Little surprises that the gaming industry has attracted the big tech giants. Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple are waking up to the gaming business. The gaming market has expanded so much that it now boasts of being the largest entertainment medium, overtaking music and movie markets.Made possible by its functions, gaming is a critical and significant life activity. Some of its functions are scientifically proven; others are deduced from face-value. In a 2015 study, researchers found that games could increase memory capacity. Another report opined gaming could be good for pain relief. Of course, it is common knowledge the functions are not only these two. In addition to them, you get smarter by playing games, your reading skills are enhanced, and you get to make better life decisions.Are you looking for a place to practice responsible gaming? Caesars Entertainment is a company that provides casino-entertainment and hospitality services. They are in the entertainment industry. Read about their services on LuminaBlog to find out if they are a great fit for you. About Caesars EntertainmentCaesars Entertainment claims to be the largest casino-entertainment company in the U.S. and one of the largest providers of casino-entertainment in the world.They boast of many of the world’s most prestigious gaming brands, including Caesars Palace®, Harrah’s®, Horseshoe®, Eldorado®, Silver Legacy®, Circus Circus® Reno and Tropicana®, among many others.Founded in Reno, Nevada, and based in Paradise, Nevada, the company is the legacy of four fathers. According to them, every guest is treated like Caesar and every visit is unforgettable. Products and ServicesThey offer services that make you want to stay, eat, see, shop, and play. Their accommodation promises you the finer things in life by making you feel at home at one of their resorts, guest rooms, and hotels, with impressive amenities.While staying, you also want to dine. They claim to offer the most innovative, diverse and dynamic selection of dining destinations in the industry. In addition to these, they render both musical and theatrical entertainment and let you explore their forum shops which they claim to have hundreds of exquisite boutiques and top brand stores.But none of these is said to be more striking than their gaming playgrounds. When it comes to gaming, they assure of the most innovative games and cutting-edge technology that appeal to modern gamers. Their collection boasts of an endless selection of slot machines and table games, with the most accommodating casino hosts, along with the largest loyalty program.In addition to these, they offer deals on rooms, shows and attractions. They believe they prioritize guest safety and are the industry's first pioneer of institutionalized Responsible Gaming program. They also host meetings and conferences, with one of their venues reportedly featuring the two largest pillar less ballrooms in North America.For expansive information on these services and more, check their website and social media pages.