If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how much joy they bring to your life. But, caring for a pet is also a big responsibility — not only do you have to make sure they stay happy and healthy, but also that they stay safe. From food and toys, all the way down to their medical care, pet ownership can be an expensive proposition — even more so if your pet gets injured or sick. And that’s where a pet insurance coverage plan comes in handy. Pet insurance covers help pet owners keep up with a sudden visit to the vet or unexpected medical charges. Are you looking to insure your pets? If yes, Petplan is one such insurance company that gives pet owners peace of mind, knowing that if their pet becomes ill or injured, they will receive the care they need without the added stress of worrying about the cost of veterinary care. Read more about Petplan here on Luminablog. About Petplan Petplan is a UK-based online pet insurance company that has been operating for over 40 years. It was founded by a team of specialists who are pet owners with vast knowledge on the right insurance cover for each pet. Petplan prides itself on winning awards such as Best Trusted Insurance Provider, Trusted Service Award among others. The company is said to be parented by Pet Plan Limited and Allianz Insurance plc, and since its inception, it brags of insuring more than 1.3 million pets. Services Offered By Petplan Petplan alleges that their insurance policy covers online and physical consultation, diagnostic tests, prescription medicine, veterinary surgery & specialized care, physiotherapy & recovery therapies, hereditary conditions, behavioral conditions, congenital conditions, dental illness & injury, and cancer treatments. In addition, they provide life cover for your pet so that they can get veterinary treatment for their ongoing conditions, provided you renew the cover every year. They also claim to offer 12-month protection after your pet’s injury or illness to help your pet fully recover. Petplan alleges they can only cover pre-existing conditions if they are fully healed and are cleared from suffering the same illness again. They also claim that you can insure up to 5 pets and get discounts every year for each pet. They claim that their insurance covers dogs up to 8 years, cats up to their 10th birthday, while rabbits are covered until they are 5 years old. Petplan offers different quotes for each pet, and you can get the quotes from their website in 3 minutes after answering questions about your pet. Petplan alleges not to raise premiums after you claim for your pet’s insurance, and it takes 5 working days to pay up to 97% of the claim it receives. It also claims to offer expert advice from a team of vets and animal experts on managing pet conditions, giving pills to pets, and providing tips on understanding your pet’s behavior. If you get admitted to a hospital, Petplan claims to pay boarding fees in a licensed pet establishment or pay someone daily for looking after your pet if you are admitted for more than four days. Payments, Complaints, and Tracking Policy  Petplan promises to cover vet costs directly and to cover up to 97% of claims they receive. However, if the vet doesn't submit the eclaim information to the company and you end up paying for the services, they guarantee to reimburse the policyholder if you had already made the payment. In case of an unsolved situation within eight weeks, Petplan refers you to Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), an independent complaint resolution service provider. You are to file a free complaint within the first 6 months from the date of the final response letter. Petplan has made it easy for you to track your pet’s insurance such that you can track your pet’s insurance from the Petplan’s website. The website gives you a portal that lets you monitor your payments, download policy documents, renew payment, pay for vet fees, make and track your claims, update your address.