Are you looking to get car rental insurance that does not come at a high price? There are some companies that offer these services, helping customers to save so that they don’t pay exorbitant fees on insurance. One of the companies that provide these services is Bonzah which belongs to the Insurance category. About Bonzah Bonzah is a rental car damage insurance company with reviews mentioned on Luminablog. The company offers a low-effective option to car rental insurance. The founder of this company stopped owning a car over a decade ago, stating that he preferred to rent when it was needed. When he calculated how many days he had rented a car by 2017, it was 50 days. Because the founder of Bonzah was someone who rented vehicles frequently, the thought of paying around $30- $40 a day to foot the company’s collision damage renunciation unaffordable. Hence, in 2010, he made plans to create his pre-purchase solution at a lower price. The idea of this startup was to hasten the pickup process of a rental car. Since then, many renters have gotten their policies from Bonzah. In the past five years, the Bonzah team has sold various car rental damage insurance in many markets, including the United States of America. And they have provided travelers with an alternative to conventional rental car damage insurance rates.   Products and Services of Bonzah In the United States, the rental car industry is quite different when compared to other countries. For instance, in the United States, the insurance is for loss, damage, and theft are not included in the rental price. When it comes to other countries like Australia and other countries in Europe, the rental car is fully insured for theft or damage.  Hence, in the United States, if the rental is damaged, you could be paying a huge amount. This is why, on the Bonzah website, the car rental damage covers around $35,000. This amount covers the damage due to theft, collision, vandalism, and you will be given reimbursed according to the benefits schedule on the website. In addition, the car rental damage on Bonzah covers primary and supplemental liability, baggage and personal items, and a host of others.  Cancel Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Refund Policy for Bonzah For Bonzah Cancel Policy, you can cancel your policy for free within ten days of the first purchase date. Hence, if you feel that the policy does not align with your needs, you will be given a full refund. On the other hand, if you have travelled and you want to make a claim when the policy is in progress, you will not be given a premium refund. It is important to know that according to Bonzah Terms and Conditions, the company reserves the exclusive right to provide changes to premiums for a policy at any time without giving the general public notice. When it comes to Bonzah Payments, it can be done either with a debit or credit card. The company also has the right to refuse a customer's purchase without any prior reason.