Lobster Anywhere

You can’t just eat anything even if you have the means to. You have to be very careful about what you eat as it can have a lot of implication on your health. This is more important when you love sea foods. You have to pay attention to the type of seafood you are buying, where you are buying from, and the processing that is involved.You can save yourself the stress of figuring all of these out by just buying from a trusted source. The big question to ask is how do you find a trusted seafood source? LuminaBlog is the best place to visit if you are looking for a brand that offers quality seafood. While there are several of them, let’s have a quick look at Lobster Anywhere. About Lobster AnywhereLobster Anywhere is a seafood brand that is located in the United States and has been in existence for over three decades. It specializes in live Maine lobsters and other types of seafood. It is said to be a popular brand because it not only attends to the seafood of individuals, but also supplies restaurants and hotels across the United States. They claim to have a built a reputation over the last thirty years that precedes them everywhere at all times. Product and Services of Lobster AnywhereThe primary product that is offered by Lobster Anywhere are lobsters and they include live lobsters, lobster tails, lobster meat, lobster rolls, and lobster dinners. There is provision for seafood products like fresh shrimp, fresh sea scallops, and seafood tools. Other products that this brand offers include chowder and bisques.Guaranteed Orders:Lobster Anywhere according to information provided on its official website says it doesn’t just stand out because of the services that it offers, but because every order placed is guaranteed. This guaranteed order claim of this brand is just an alternative to return and refund policy offered by different brands. It also feels like they are saying there is possibility of something going wrong with your order, but that when that happens, they will make sure to get things right with it.Shipping Information: Lobster Anywhere offers seafood to anywhere within the United States. However, it just happens that orders made to some places are processed faster than orders made from other places. When asked how they make sure purchases are preserved, they always draw attention to their packaging. According to them, the packaging helps to keep the seafood fresh and prevent it from getting spoilt based on how long it will take to be delivered. Orders do not take long after they are processed before they are delivered as there is a possibility that you can place an order at night and have it delivered by morning. From their websites, they also claim that shipping for every product ordered is free. While this may be true, the price at which products offered by this brand are placed suggests otherwise.Another thing that is worthy of mention about Lobster Anywhere is that customers can create an account on the website that allows them add products to their cart and keep track of their orders after it is placed.