Are you time-sensitive looking for a way to transfer money from one country to another or even overseas using a digital account-to-account model?  If yes, then TransferGo is the company that can help you. It is an international money transfer service platform that allows its customers to transfer money internationally.If you're wondering how to know whether is a good service provider, you can read this company profile on LuminaBlog to help you determine whether or not the service in question is worth your money. About Launched in 2012 by CEO & Co-Founder Daumantas Dvilinskas, is a Fintech company that was initially founded to help Western European immigrants to send money to the rest of Europe. With its headquarters based in London, TransferGo operates in over 47 countries across Europe, with its offices in Vilnius, Berlin, Kaunas, Warsaw, and Istanbul. However, the company has expanded its services in Asia and African countries, such as India, Kenya, China, Japan, and Nepal.In just five years, claimed to generate $44.5 million annual revenue. The company also claims to have a global customer base of more than 833,000 users. The company was awarded a MoneyAge Award for "Money Transfer Provider of the Year" in 2017. Product and Services of Supporting over 22 currencies, TransferGo offers both personal and commercial money transfer solutions to its clients.  This fintech company uses proprietary technology and a digital account-to-account model to ensure the money transfer is secured, private, and fast. Since the company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, they claim to offer security standards similar to commercial banks.This money transfer provider has placed its transfer limits based on the currency that is being transferred, whereas their exchange rate depends on the transfer destination and amount being sent. It also offers a flat fee for transfers which can vary depending on the delivery options. Delivery Time  Although the company's standard delivery timeline is 1-3 business days, they offer their customers different delivery options where money can be delivered in 30 minutes, provided that the transfer is made on working days and between 06:30 to 18:30 GMT.Refund Policy  The company's refund policy applies within 24 hours after completing the transaction. If you want to cancel the transfer, you must contact the support team within the stated timeline. Once the support team has canceled the transaction, the amount will be deposited back into your account within the next 5-7 working days.Customer Service claims to have a customer-oriented support staff to help out with all their client's questions channeled on their social media and email. They also have a customer help center that is operational from Monday through Friday from 7.00 AM to 4.00 PM GMT. How to Transfer Money Via The transfer process via TransferGo involves a three-step process where the sender is required to create a verified account, then book a transfer by providing the recipient's details, the amount to be transferred, and select a delivery option. Lastly, the sender completes the process by making payments using an online bank transfer or through a debit card. Once you've completed the transaction, the company takes over to transfer the money on the other end.