Silver Gold Bull

Gold coins, silver bars, and other items made from precious metals are called bullion. There are many reasons why someone might be interested in buying them, and these include hedging, diversifying, long term investing, etc. There is parted bullion and unparted bullion, depending on the types of metal used.Bullion can be kept as legal tender for transactional, precautionary, and speculative purposes. However, bullion is mostly kept for speculative purposes, to act as a hedge against deflation and inflation, among others. Like money, bullion can also serve as a store of value and a good financial cover during economic uncertainties.With the rise of the internet, buying bullion bars is now a simple online process. You can browse bullion products on retail websites, select the bars you wish to get, by weight, quantity, and price, and get them delivered at your doorstep. Are you looking at the touch, feel, and security of owning bullion? Silver Gold Bull is an online retail shop, dealing in silver and gold at competitive pricing. Check out their services on LuminaBlog. About Silver Gold BullSilver Gold Bull is a Canadian retail store that allows you to buy bullion bars online at competitive pricing. They boast of a collection of insured bullion bars that include silver, gold, platinum, palladium, copper, and several others. Products and ServicesIn addition to boasting of a great collection of bullion bars, they offer the sale of accessories, jewelry, and other collectibles. In situations you can't find a product you're looking for in the variety of options available, you can make a request.Other than the service of selling bullion bars to you, you can also sell to them. They claim selling to them is secure, straightforward, and transparent. You can call them for a free quote anytime, get your pricing locked in, ship your package, and get your payment supposedly within one business day.Another service they render is storage. Your purchased bullion bars or existing holdings can be stored in one of their facilities. They claim to have your storage audited and insured, at low rates, with zero counter-party risks. Reportedly, their storage locations cut across Canada, the United States, and Singapore.To get any of their products, you can pay through your credit cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrencies, bill payment, and even use cheques. They let you explore the many ways to pay, and if you are not sure how to pay, you can contact them for assistance. Their customer service is said to operate 24/7, Mon-Fri.Worrying about shipping? Silver Gold Bull assures the delivery of your products through reputable global carriers. Stated on their website that your orders ship within 5 days of cleared payment, tracked, signed off, and insured. They claim to offer free shipping deals on orders over $299 and let you buy silver bars at discounted spot prices.Check their website and social media pages for more information about the rest of their services, which include charts, investors’ kit, sales and purchase terms, and return policy.