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Earning money is only half the work and once this duty is done, the bigger responsibility of investing the surplus begins. Is idle money a perfect asset? How and where do we invest to get maximum benefits? The Motley Fool answers these questions sufficiently.Bearing a name that makes clients think twice before making a contact, The Motley Fool, helps their clients take their financial lives in their control by making strategic investment decisions. The name adorned is in homage of a character from Shakespearean literature - the court jester who cleverly speaks the truth to his masters, to serve a common welfare, yet keeping his position safe. Motley Fool provides a variety of solutions to improve their clients’ financial lives, like investment portfolios, personal finances, real estate holdings, etc. With Motley Fool, all parties learn together as a community and grow together as a group.About Motley Fool The sibling pair Tom and David Gardner founded The Motley Fool in July 1993 with a purpose to make the world “smarter, happier and richer.” Their primary role is into financial advisory services. They advise and guide individual investors with their investments. Their headquarters is in Alexandria, VA and branch offices are located in Denver, USA and Sydney, Australia. They additionally serve investors and businesses in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore and Germany. The launching of their website in 1997 is an important milestone in their history. deals with business and economy and hosts related news.Products and services of Motley Fool Motley Fool is mainly about investing in stocks and encourages long term investment in big business, so as to give an opportunity for each dollar invested to grow. Motley Fool’s Premium Services include Stock Advisor - the Co-Founders' flagship service, Rule Breakers service in which high-growth stocks hand-selected by Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner, Rule Your Retirement, that gives Comprehensive retirement guidance, Discovery: Everlasting Portfolio, where Tom Gardner builds a portfolio of the “best of the best” stocks in the market, etc.Each of these services are unique in features and are offered to meet specific goals. The membership fees also varies according to the plan chosen and some are open only to the existing members of Motley Fool. Other services include Motley Fool Options that gives simple strategies to double the returns, Premier Pass which grants access to select services of the company, Discovery: Cloud Disruptors 2020, One, Market Pass, Supernova, Discovery: Global Partners, that is a collection of the best investment opportunities outside the United States, Total Income – a collection of income-producing investment ideas, from bond funds to high-yield stocks etc. Motley Fool’s Extreme Opportunities category of services, provides insight on investing in companies that are considered future of entertainment, Artificial Intelligence companies, Augmented Reality industry and tapping the legal cannabis market.Other than the above services, they also run their flagship newsletter, Motley Fool Stock Advisor. The Ascent, Motley Fool's new personal finance brand, is devoted to helping clients on Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Stock Brokerage, Personal Loans and Mortgage Lenders. Other useful resources by Motley Fool include podcasts, books, newspaper columns, radio shows etc.To know more about the mentioned services and to explore more services, please visit the company website today. We trust our blog on the financial advisor was insightful.