The holiday period is an important time that people look forward to. In most cases, people would begin making plans on travelling to different places to enjoy their vacation even months before the expected date. While making these plans, accommodation is always top of the list, and you are expected to already consider making hotel bookings for the number of nights you will be spending beforehand. Since millions of people are also trying to book hotels for their vacation, the question is; how many people are making the right booking choice? It's not enough for you to just book any hotel; you need to book the right hotel that will offer you a memorable vacation which you will not forget in a hurry, and to ensure this, there are a number of factors to consider.With several booking sites online, getting the trusted ones that will give you what you want will require a lot of research and caution. The good thing is there is a recent hotel search engine in town that claims to help you find the right hotels that suits your interest; Nustay. Read more about Nustay on LuminaBlog to find out what this brand is all about. About NustayNustay is a hotel booking company online that was founded by Mathias Lundoe Nielsen in Denmark in 2014. It was said that a bad travelling experience which he had was what gave birth to Nustay. Mathias was thinking of ways travelers can have an amazing vacation experience and he created the platform with the intention of delivering great services and experiences for customers. Since its inception, research shows that Nustay has grown from a small booking company to a large organization with over 100 employees that handles over 1000 bookings each day. Product and Services of Nustay Nustay claims it has a vision of becoming the best hotel online booking platform that would offer customers the best hotel prices. Currently, the brand has over 1.5 million hotels on its platform. This brand claims to enhance the booking experience of travelers, while also promising to provide clients with inventory of any hotel room of their choice, the pricing strategy, and easy booking process of a wide range of hotels.Nustay promises their visitors discounts on their dream vacation. The brand also claims to have results that match their customer's travel style and interest, while also claiming to offer the best rates.To use this platform, customers are provided with a form to sign up for free and become a registered member. As a customer, you can link your account to your social media profile, fill in the hotel rates you would like, the area you want, your interests, the type of vacation you are going for, dates, as well as the number of rooms you will like to book. With this information, Nustay promises to find you the best hotels which suit your description. Cancellation policies with Nustay are based on the hotel you choose. As such, it is important to read through properly before making payments. Some hotels are kind enough to make a refund but some don't. However, Nustay claims that when you book a hotel through them, you not only stand a chance of getting your favorite hotel, you also get to save up to 72% in overall hotel costs. Tempting!