Have you ever found yourself stuck on a long train journey or flight and wished you could get online? Or even worse, when you have found a hotspot and the connection is painfully slow? This can be incredibly frustrating and can really put a dampener on your day. But if you're looking for the best ways to get online and stay connected while you're on the move, then you need to consider Skyroam internet service provider. Read on about Skyroam on LuminaBlog to find out the services it offers and how its hotspot works. About Skyroam Since its establishment in 2008, Skyroam has grown to be a leading software-based mobile connectivity provider in over 130 countries worldwide. Headquartered in San Francesco, N. America, a serial technology entrepreneur and travel zealot Jing Liu founded this service provider company to offer reliable mobile Wi-Fi services at a good cost. Inspired by a desire to have a more connected world, this company's first milestone was developing a patented virtual SIM technology in 2008 to enable more mobile data access through local connectivity. According to Skyroam, the company aims to become the most efficient and reliable mobile data access provider to IoT(Internet of things), wearable technology "wearables," and 3rd party devices. The company also boasts that its Skyroam Global Hotspot coverage is across 130+ countries globally with 500+ retail locations and over 10 million users. They also claim to partner with its parent company SIMO and other business partners, including travellers, retailers, local carriers, and technology & solution partners.   Products and Services Offered by Skyroam Skyroam provides Wi-Fi connectivity services globally, including free zones such as cruise ships, flights, the middle of nowhere, and even space. The Skyroam Wi-Fi hotspot devices include Skyroam Solis, Skyroam Solis VPN, Skyroam Solis X, and Skyroam Solis Lite. They also claim to have the Skyroam Solis Wi-Fi app for iOS and Android devices to help customers manage their Skyroam Solis accounts, buy services, and stay updated on their data usage and status. Skyroam claims that its patented vSIM technology allows individuals to connect up to 10 devices or share with others with no SIM card required. Skyroam is said to offer customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all business inquiries and concerns about its products.   Skyroam's Wi-Fi Subscription Plans Skyroam offers multiple Wi-Fi subscription plans such as Global Daypass (offers 24 hrs unlimited Wi-Fi), Unlimited Monthly Subscription (30 days global connectivity), and Global Pay-per-GB Subscription. Customers can also subscribe to a Global GoData per GB Subscription plan offering 1 GB of high-speed data, and you can top up more GBs anytime you need them. They also provide USA Wi-Fi plans, including USA Pay-per-GB, USA Unlimited Subscription, and USA GoData-per-GB plan. Customers not ready to buy Skyroam hotspots can opt for a rental order. Someone can purchase the Daypass subscription anytime and activate it each day when you need them. All Skyroam Wi-Fi subscriptions have no contracts and cancellation fees. All you need is to just sign-up and use what's best for you.   How Skyroam Hotspot Work and Shipping Information Once you buy or rent Skyroam Global Hotspot, simply turn it on and download the Solis Wi-Fi mobile app or connect to to get the set-up and registration instructions. Upon registration, you can choose and buy your preferred Wi-Fi plan, and it will automatically find the best local signal wherever you go.Currently, Skyroam claims to ship to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. However, they claim to have online retailers and partners selling and shipping Skyroam's products to 100+ countries worldwide. Their shipping options include standard shipping, which can take 2-7 business days, and priority shipping between 1-7 business days. The shipping timeline depends on the shipping destination and the shipping option selected during the checkout. Skyroam also offers free standard shipping for rental orders across the US, wherein they deliver 1-2 days before the rental countdown starts.   Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee Skyroam's warranty and satisfaction guarantee are available for purchases only, exempting the rental orders. In the event where you're not satisfied with your order, they give you a grace period of 30 days from the delivery date to return the item. The item must be unused and in the original condition that you received to qualify for the return. The item must also be in its original packaging. Once they receive and approve your returned item, Skyroam processes the refund and credits it back to the original payment method within 7 business days. Customers can also have their defective units or parts exchanged or serviced within one year of receiving the order.