Are you concerned about your online privacy? VPN protects your online presence through an encrypted tunnel by hiding your IP address and allows users to use public Wi-Fi safely. If you are like most of us who value online privacy, then NordVPN might be your ultimate solution for your online safety especially if you use public hotspots more often. Hackers have ways and tools that enable them to steal personal data from unsuspecting internet users. If you think NordVPN will take care of your online safety, you can give it a try to see if it packs everything you need to ensure your safety and anonymity online.About NordVPN Credit to four childhood friends who invented NordVPN in the year 2012. Although they had spent their time in different parts of the world, they saw the bigger picture; growing internet censorship, intrusive government surveillance and content control. In a nutshell, the four childhood friends saw the need for internet security accessible for all. What started with a single server is now a market leader in matters of internet security with over 14 million users across the globe.Products and Services of NordVPN If you are an avid internet user, you probably need a VPN, here are some of the products that might interest you about NordVPN: Secure internet - mind about your data safety by staying behind a wall of next-generation encryption. When you need to mask your location for various reasons, a VPN will hide your IP address and location to ensure the security of your sensitive messages.NordVPN will allow you to have access to blocked content, for example, if you are streaming services while abroad, you probably need a VPN to redirect your address through a remote server for you to continue streaming services. If you are an avid internet user, NordVPN will keep off tracking agencies from your online activities by hiding your IP address. People who love online gaming often face DDoS attacks, bandwidth throttling, or content restrictions. Luckily, NordVPN will help you deal with these problems for you to enjoy a safe and stable connection.Data Security NordVPN takes your data security seriously and takes every measure to safeguard your data and information, whether technical, physical or administrative. However it is your responsibility to exercise caution when using the services we provide and under no any circumstances shall NordVPN shall be liable for unlawful and neglegent activities that violate third-party rights.