Custom poster printing has become trendy and a part of interior decoration in homes and offices. It does not only add beauty to the room, it also gives your room a personal touch that strongly reveals your personality. Would you like to redecorate your home space with custom posters? There are companies who claim to give you watertight services at reasonable prices including PosterBurner. Nevertheless, choosing the wrong company can end in catastrophe, as they may end up delivering what you didn’t order for. Perhaps you might keep calling and no one is picking up. This can be frustrating especially when you’ve had high hopes in getting a good printing done. You can prevent such occurence by reading reviews from third party review site; from people who have been served by companies who offer this service.About PosterBurnerPosterBurner is a print on demand company based in Chesapeake USA, that specializes in printing. It was said to have been established to give professional photographers and everyone an option to get highest quality prints at reasonable prices. They claim to focus on quality materials and best inkjet printers, in delivering their services.PosterBurner produce custom posters, canvas, banner prints, decals, yard signs, metal prints, and printings on shirts and ornaments with extreme color precision. It has been said that the high quality equipments used makes the printing of PosterBurner last long whether they are kept indoors or displayed outdoors. PosterBurner are known to ship to all US states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Products and Services of PosterBurnerThe PosterBurner website offer services which include custom poster printing, wrapped canvas, metal prints, custom phone cases, custom mouse pads, custom T-shirts, custom banners and decals. The PosterBurner website, contains a guide on how to create a custom poster; different size files are accepted for making a custom poster, and these includes, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD, AI, DOC, PPT, ZIP, XLS and many more; but the resolution of these files must be moderately high resolution images because these makes the best posters.To order from PosterBurner, customers can visit their website to add preferred items to the cart.Most poster orders are printed and shipped within two or three business days, the only exception to this rule are urgent orders. Payments are accepted through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Bitcoin. PosterBurner are said to assure their customers free replacement or refund if they are not satisfied with the services received.Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for PosterBurnerHave you ever ordered custom poster prints from PosterBurner before? If yes, then we would love to learn about your experience. Was your order delivered as promised? How long have you been using the PosterBurner? Have there been significant changes due to duration of use, wear or tear? Do they have an excellent customer service which attended to your issues in a timely and orderly manner? Kindly write us a customer review. This review will help others to know what to expect from PosterBurner and if they deliver on their promises.