When it comes to luxury wears and designer clothing, shopping at the right place can be a deciding factor in determining quality. There are e-commerce websites that pose to sell substandard merchandise to unsuspecting clients who rely on their reputation. Also, the lingering issue you might be facing may be related to bad customer service or poor deliveries. However, most of these brands boast of being the best at what they do, and the only way to find out which brand is legit and credible is to go through the feedbacks and reviews of people who have patronized these brands before you. In this post, we would be focusing on Verishop. Here, you can read up on reviews about the brand and decide for yourself.About VerishopVerishop is the brainchild of former Snap Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan and his wife, Cate Khan. The couple started the e-commerce brand in 2019, and the brand has now made a name for itself as a hub for quality products. According to them, their aim, which was to reduce the fear of clients who barely want to patronize e-commerce websites due to purchasing a counterfeit product online, has since been prioritized. With the backing of a hundred and fifty brands, Verishop could roll out quality merchandise to their burgeoning client base. It’s been over a year since operations began, and the brand has increased the number of businesses trading on its platform significantly since its inception according to reports.Products and Services of VerishopThe founders of Verishop claims their aim was to create an avenue for both sellers and buyers to meet under guaranteed circumstances. A little perusing through the Verishop websites shows that the brand offers services that include the following; men and women fashion items, skincare products, household items, retailing, and product promotion. With a target to stay competitive in a growing marketplace, the brand offers a one-day free shipping offer without its clients' cap limit. For those who might have placed a wrong order, or have complaints concerning their purchases, Verishop also offers a free return policy to their customers. The brand claims to be building a bridge between millennial and their fondness for digital shopping, which is why it has an app, and a dedicated 24/7 customer care service to attend to any lingering issue or complaints. Another feature that the brand started is the promotional campaign, which comprises the Tastemaker shop and ‘The responsible Store’, allowing influencers to promote their taste.Compliments, Complains and Tips for VerishopFor those who have patronized Verishop or have friends who have made purchases, we would like to hear from you. This way, we can have authentic and real-life complaints and reviews about this brand. What was their customer service like? Do you have any reservation(s) concerning the brand? Were the products as great, and authentic as claimed? Kindly give us feedback and review here. This would be a guide for those who would love to try out the brand.