Are you looking for an online platform where you can get electronic devices that would stand the test of time? It is important to mention that not all platforms that parade themselves as reputable are telling the truth. Some of them sell fake products and are out to scam people of their hard-earned money. Upsie belongs to the online shop category, and it is a platform where people can get products and be assured that they will use them for a long time. These products are either new or used, but they are backed by the company’s assurance About UpsieUpsie is a brand listed on the Company profiles on LuminaBlog. It is an electronic brand company that was established with the intent of putting customers first. Any improvement made by the brand is focused on making their experience easy. Upsie was founded on four basic values, namely: Authenticity, Integrity, Innovation, and Reliability. For Authenticity, the company gets their motivation from customers who spur them to be better. When it comes to integrity, Upsie has assured her customers that they will always be upfront and honest with them. As regards Innovation, Upsie is currently incorporating innovation into the industry to ensure that warranties are inexpensive and practical for everybody. Lastly, for reliability, Upsie is positioning itself to become a trusted brand that can be reached at any time for customer experience and feedback via the available communication channels. Products and Services of UpsieUpsie has a customer service that cannot be compared to a number of competitor brands on the market. If you use iPhones and it has a defect, you can get it fixed with Upsie as there are available warranties. Therefore, for manufacturing defects, screen cracks, drops, spills, etc., you can protect your iPhone at an affordable rate. For Samsung phones, the same applies. If the phone has any type of defect, you can allow Upsie to handle it for you at an affordable rate. Other appliances available within Upsie’s service range are Tablets, Laptops; Smart Watches, Headphones, Appliances, Televisions, and Video Gaming apps. Upsie’s protection for all devices comprises the following: cracked screen, liquid damage, battery failure, power failure, touch screen failure, camera failure, and headphone jack failure. Also, it includes audio failure, Wifi failure, and Bluetooth failure. Shipping and replacements for UpsieUpsie strives to offer all her customers optimum satisfaction, but it is understandable that there will be peculiar cases. Therefore, the company is ever-ready to attend to complaints that will either lead to an additional repair, refund, or exchange.When you get any product from Upsie, the warranty begins from that day. If you buy your Upsie warranty on a later day, the accident protection starts on the 31st day. When it comes to shipping to Upsie’s repair center, it is free. The interesting part is, phones are fixed within 24 hours once they are received. In addition, if the repair cost is not feasible, the smartphone will be replaced. Also, all devices have to be sent for diagnostic testing before a replacement is issued.