Sunshine Jewelry

 When it comes to buying jewelry online for your loved one, the more you know about the types and styles of jewelry products, the easier it will be to find the right pieces. You might even want to ask a jeweler for advice before making a jewelry purchase. But how do you know which one to trust? Although it is hard to find a trusted vendor of fine jewelry, it’s no surprise that the Sunshine Jewelry online store is the go-to place for jewelry from all around the world. Sunshine Jewelry has an expanding selection of jewelry made of beautiful stones, such as gold and sterling silver.  Read on to find out in detail about this online jewelry store. About Sunshine Jewelry Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sunshine Jewelry is an online-based company specializing in various jewelry pieces for women, men, and children. Since the company’s founding 40+ years ago, Sunshine Jewelry has been dedicated to bringing high fashion and quality accessories into the world through golden or silvery adornments. The company purports to date back its jewelry manufacturing, distribution, and importing activities back to old Europe, claiming to have offered its products to the public at an affordable price. According to Sunshine Jewelry, it has merged with some of the famous jewelry manufacturers across the Caribbean and New York, including Sunshine Jewelry Incorporated, Pirate Jewelry, Latin American Jewelry Corp., Berta Jewelry Corp., Jal Jewelry Corp., and Lejalge Jewelry Corp to curate stylish pieces of jewelry that cannot be paralleled anywhere else. Sunshine Jewelry brags that since its inception they have grown to be the one of America's finest catalog and internet website jeweler.  Product and Services Offered by Sunshine Jewelry The company offers a vast assortment of jewelry pieces, including rings, earrings, anklets, bracelets, pendants, bangles, jingles, chains, hoops, stud earrings, necklaces, and much more. Customers purchasing from Sunshine Jewelry can opt for customized jewelry based on their styles and taste, ranging from customized birthstone jewelry, religious jewelry, ID bracelets, Jesus medallions, Zodiac jewelry among others. The gold-filled jewelry collection provided by this company is handcrafted out of 18K Goldfilled, 14K Goldfilled, 10K Goldfilled,  and Sterling Silver. The company asserts that its tremendous collection of adornments are great for any occasion, including birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, Father's Day gifts, holiday gifts, Mother's day gifts, wedding day gifts, etc. Sunshine Jewelry also offers jewelry buyers who would wish to earn some extra coin an opportunity to become Sunshine jewelry distributors. Additionally, the buyers can still earn through the company’s affiliate program once a visor from their visitor generates a sale.  Shipping and Payment Information Generally, Sunshine Jewelry ships out all orders destined to the Continental United States through Standard Delivery and Express Delivery services. The scheduled delivery date is 1 to 2 weeks and  2 to 3 days, respectively. The shipping services for International, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico orders vary by country and the buyer’s preference. All payments directed to Sunshine Jewelry can be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express,  Money Orders, Novus Discover, Western Union, and Cashier’s check. The company also allows US-based customers to make payments through PayPal Credit, which will enable them to “ Buy Now, Pay Over Time” at a zero-interest fee.   Lifetime & Money-Back Guarantee Sunshine Jewelry asserts to be dedicated to ensuring continuous customer satisfaction. Thus, it assures its customers a lifetime guarantee of its jewelry, that it also contends that they never tarnish. However, in a rare event whereby the buyer is unsatisfied with their purchase, they must return it within 10 business days for a credit refund or exchange. The item must be packed in a secure box and must be in the original shape it was purchased in, with a copy of the original purchase invoice. Once the company receives your returned item, they promise to offer a refund or replace the faulty item as soon as possible.