Honesty, fast shipping, good service and high quality of brands are the identity tags Ssense has earned from its patrons. Over the years since inception, the company has grown commendably, thereby displaying its worth. What are the factors you gauge an online retailer with? Check out the Ssense customer reviews posted in this website to know more about the retailer and to see if they match and exceed your expectations.About Ssense Ssense is a Montreal-based international fashion retailer founded in the year 2003. Interestingly, when it all began, the business idea was not conceived for trade. As a computer science undergraduate, Co-founder and CEO, Rami Atallah was working on an educational thesis and this gave birth to the original Ssense platform. Incidentally, around the same time, his brother Firas Atallah had just graduated in Finance and Economics and Bassel Atallah had started with his mechanical engineering degree. Thus, the environment fell favorable for them and the brothers discovered a business potential out of their complementary skills and education. Eventually, the trio joined hands and their strategic partnership turned the mere graduate project into a successful business model. Today, the platform generates an average monthly page views of 32M and has also achieved a double-digit annual growth since its inception.Apart from selling specialized fashion apparel, the company’s digital platform also acts as a rich source of useful and entertaining blogs, articles and information for its followers and customers. The business entity Ssense, an outcome of curiosity and team work of its founders, is more than a typical e-commerce website. The Atallah brothers’ thirst for imagination followed up by determined efforts to define the next generation retail, leveraged the internet and fused content, commerce and culture into one platform. The leading global fashion platform scores beyond just a fashion boutique by producing original content and building own technology solutions and systems from scratch. The team at Ssense furthermore believes in taking the untraveled roads for problem solving, thus creating and encouraging expertise in its staff.Setting aside the stake holders’ views, how does the outside world and general public perceive Ssense? Ssense is invariably considered a reputed and authentic company whose sole purpose is to provide low key fashion choices, without a persistent emphasis on driving profits through loud advertising.Products and services of Ssense Ssense outfits are not intended towards, changing your looks. But, they work towards adding an honorable elegance in you, while you are yourself. Hence they list products that are subtle in style, yet high in quality.With a focus on directional retail, Ssense has a mix of luxury, streetwear and avant-garde labels in its selection for men and women. The product collection includes Clothing, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Ssense has its headquarters and a 100,000 SF warehouse space in Montreal's Garment District and sells its listed merchandises online through its ecommerce website launched in 2006. The platform currently serves 150 countries and operates in French, English and Japanese, with currency options for fulfillment.Compliments, Complaints and tips for Ssense Have you purchased from Ssense? Did they keep up their promises? Please share your experience and feedback with us. Your reviews would be a great guide for other buyers.