Portable Hookahs

Vapes are said to be easy to use indoors, they are low cost, they have juicy flavor which will not inconvenience other people in the vicinity. In addition, vapes are taken to boost social image and in fact studies have shown that a lot people use e-liquids and e-cigars because they are trying to quit cigarettes. Vaping is tobacco smoking just that it is said to be less harmful than smoking tobacco in the cigarette form as it contains fewer toxic chemicals in lower concentration. Vape is said to contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance and should not be taken by teenagers or people below the age of 21. Vaping is better than cigarette because it doesn’t leave a bitter taste on your tongue and unlike smoking, it doesn’t create a haze which could enter the respiratory system. Different countries have laws about vapes; hence, it is wise to familiarize yourself with them. There are a number of online stores that offer vape products, and Portable Hookahs is one of them. Care to know more about Portable Hookahs and all what it offers? You can get all the answers you need right here on LuminaBlog.General Information on Portable HookahsPortable Hookahs is an online vape store based in Brooklyn, New York, USA. They claim to offer the best vape products for the use of customers all around the world. According to them, innovation is their watchword, and they claim to work tirelessly at producing new and outstanding vaping experience for clients which will make them come back for more.Products and Services of Portable HookahsPortable Hookahs claim to offer vape products in four categories; dry herb vapes, wax vaporizers,oil vaporizers and Hookah pipe. Other vapes such as compass vaporizers, Genius Pipe, Ghost vaporizers MV1, Kind Pen vaporizers, Air Vape X vaporizers, Davinci IQ vaporizers among others are said to be the bestselling vapes.They claim to offer the best vaping experience through their different products with added functionality. With the aim to give customers a 100% satisfaction of both products and services. This is why they brag about having a 24-hour customer support in place.They are said to offer free shipping on all orders in USA or orders above $200. However, they explain in clear terms that refunds are only acceptable on three conditions: “The product has been delivered within the last 14 days, the product is in original packaging and the customer obtained a Return Merchandise Number.” This RMN can be gotten through their customer care email, so once you have a product to return which has fulfilled the first two conditions, all you need is to ask for a RMN and you are on your way to getting a refund. Damaged items on reception must be reported immediately, however shipping charges incurred as a result of returning a product will not be refunded.Portable Hookahs claim that the vaporizers (dry herb vapes, wax vaporizers and oil vaporizers) which they manufacture are different from e-liquids; also medicinal for anxiety and this is why customers are advised to check the product description properly before placing an order for any product.Vaping could be the next big thing in medical technology as vaping certain drugs could take them directly into the bloodstream and facilitate quicker relief from pain.