Goals come in all shapes, sizes and colors! Do you think it is time to redefine your life and attain your goals? Mindvalley could be your destination to attain them. Over the past couple of decades, Mindvalley has arranged several motivational and self-development courses and programs aiming towards personal and professional growth and development. Check out the customer reviews and stories of transformation posted by Mindvalley’s students to see how it impacted and changed their lives.About Mindvalley Co-founded in the year 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani and Michael Reining, Mindvalley offers products on personal spiritual development and lifelong learning. Mindvalley’s co-founder and CEO Lakhiani, is an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He was named as the "Most Strategic Entrepreneur" in the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award, Malaysia, in the year 2017. He has also authored the books “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” and “The Buddha and the Badass”. When it comes to “The Company”, it functions as one large community intending mutual giving and taking. The physical Mindvalley team comprises of educators, employees and members that strongly believes in supporting each other and growing together. Mindvalley, through its learning platform, ‘Quest’, empowers individuals and stimulates their personal transformation.Products and services of Mindvalley Mindvalley is an education company that offers teaching programs on mindfulness, meditation, personal growth, fitness and health. With trainers like Robin Sharma, Lisa Nichols and Michael Beckwith in its navigation team, Mindvalley offers “Masterclasses” that consist of lectures and application exercises. “Masterclasses” basically are structured and focused courses that help its students in progressing towards what they seek. These courses are created and presented by renowned thought leaders, authors, healers and activists and offer a wholesome experience. Mindvalley and its trainers share a single goal – “to raise human consciousness”.A guide to the courses and programs are readily available in their website and are conveniently grouped based on what the seeker would want to take back or learn from the course. The program categories include Mind, Body, Soul, Performance, Work, Relationships and ‘Kids, Teens and Parenting’. Mindvalley also offers programs in association with Lifebook Online, Omvana and WildFit under their partner programs. To know more about the programs, events and channels, please do visit the company website! The platform is also available on the application format for download on Google Play Store and App Store. Get them today and get drenched in wellness in all spheres of life.To get a glimpse about how a Masterclass can help you, Mindvalley releases exclusive videos on a weekly basis, where a coach discusses one of his transformational ideas in depth. These videos can be accessed by everyone for free and are about 60 to 90 minutes in duration. Do enroll yourself for these sessions and let Mindvalley sow the priceless seeds of positivity and resourcefulness in you.Compliments, Complaints and tips for Mindvalley Have you attended any of Mindvalley’s sessions or courses? What change did it bring in your life? Are there any course that you would like to recommend? Please share your feedback with us. Your reviews could be a powerful propeller for someone else to take a step towards empowerment.