Surely nobody thought that coffee would become a worldwide sensation or a go-to beverage when the Ethiopians started planting them in the fifteenth century. Today, Brazil is the country that exports the most coffee beans, accounting for 35% of what the world consumes. In the late 1980s again, another beverage started gaining mainstream attention in Taiwan. That beverage was bubble tea. Both beverages have  satiated the thirsts of millions worldwide, and at different times. Well, as with everything, it's really a tiring chore making your own coffee or bubble tea every day. So, people started opening cafes to serve the public with these wonderful beverages saving them the stress of making it themselves, and soon there were even franchises selling coffee, some bubble tea and some both.Lollicup is one of the brands selling both coffee and bubble tea to customers. But asides serving you beverages, what else can Lollicup offer you as a customer? Find out all about this and more as we reveal all you need to know about this brand on LuminaBlog. General Information about LollicupLollicup was founded in the year 2000 by two individuals, Alan Yu and Marvin Cheng. It is a Taiwanese American chain of tea shops with its headquarters in Chino, California and it has  thirty eight branches in the United States and China. It originally specialized in making bubble tea and coffee, and over time became a one stop shop for food service, hospital, and beverage supply. It is officially registered as Lollicup USA Inc.The company actually controls two brands: Tea Zone®, founded in 2001 and Karat ®, founded in 2004. Tea Zone offers bubble tea, and food and beverage ingredients, while Karat provides premium  paper and plastic disposable goods and packaging. This idea of having two brands under one company was a move by Yu and Cheng to maintain consistency and quality of their shops. It is also said that the company serves Fortune 500 companies. Products and Services of LollicupAlthough there have been series of discussions around the health benefits or lack of, of both coffee and bubble tea, bubble tea seemed to raise more concerns as there were reports of people suffering from constipation after taking bubble tea, which begged the question: Is bubble tea healthy or not? Lollicup  has claimed to have only safe quality combinations of flavors and addictives, according to health standards. Apart from that, one can also get janitorial supply and equipment from Lollicup.The brand claims her products are very affordable and prices flexible. Prices are clearly displayed on every product on their website hence helping customers make easier choices, with a dependable and simple interface.There are also custom printing services that the company offers for brands they partner with, or individuals. They claim that their presence is strong enough to propel any brand they partner with to gain more publicity, as they are expert marketers too.Lastly, they also have a variety of take out container designs for customers to choose from. More information is available on their website.