Of course, we all eat food, and it is in no way presumptuous to say that we all love good food. Today, there is a myriad of recipes and kinds of food to choose from, and all these options sometimes make deciding on which food to consumer a tussle for the average consumer. Buying food is also stressful for many; however, since the advent of the internet, food purchasing has become much more comfortable. Food experts, connoisseurs, and business minds have come up with what we like to call online groceries. Do you happen to be progressive and have looked into purchasing food online? Are you wearied to visit the grocery now and then? Do you find physical shopping for food tedious and bothersome? Surely, cooking food in itself can be one demanding task, but when you also have to go continually outdoors to the grocery, it becomes considerably worse. Still, we need to eat food to stay alive or even for our taste buds' reasonable satisfaction. These online platforms might be what you need. This writing will be to review one of these online food merchants, GourmetFoodStore.   About GourmetFoodStoreFounded in 2003, GourmetFoodStore specializes in selling all kinds of food. The company, as an E-commerce enterprise, peddles it trade via the internet. The brand, which self describes as an epicure's paradise, has a wide selection of food items. Asides food items, on the company's official website, you can find various recipes, wine pairings, accessories, and food-related tips. Products and Services of GourmetFoodStoreThe company's various products and services are displayed on its website's reasonably long list of categories.The first category, Caviar, is one for fish lovers. Highlighted in this category are the Beluga Hybrid Caviar and the Salmon Caviar and Roe. Under this category are the Caviar Top Sellers, including the American Paddlefish Caviar - Malossol, the Osetra Karat Black Russian Caviar - Malossol, the Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar - Malossol, Wasabi Capelin Caviar, and a list of other Caviar options. Caviar accompaniments are also on sale. There is a Caviar and Roe subcategory that arrays Caviar gift sets, Caviar taster sets, Kaluga caviar, Sevruga caviar whitefish caviar, and further selections. Another subcategory lists different caviar kinds according to country. American, Bulgarian, Canadian, Italian, and French Caviars make up a fraction of the long list of available caviars. After the Caviar is the Smoked Salmon and Seafood category, products listed here are the Smoked Salmon, Fresh Fish, Gravadlax Smoked Salmon, etc. The Tops sellers here include Littleneck Clams, Norwegian Smoked Salmon Trout, Spanish Cuttlefish Ink - Jar, Dry Sea Scallops, Scottish Smoked Salmon, and many more. Also featured are smoked salmon gift sets, smoked salmon utensils, canned and preserved seafood, prepared seafood, etc. The next category is the Foie Gras and Pate. Here you can find Pates and Rillettes, Fresh Foie Gras, Duck Fat by Rougie, Rillettes du Perigord, Foie Gras Accompaniments, Duck Leg Confit, French Style Pates, Foie Gras Accompaniments, Specialty Items, etc. Featured, Foie Gras brands are Rougie Foie Gras, Terroirs D’antan Pates, and Hudson Valley Foie Gras. Foie Gras is labeled by country as American and Canadian Foie Gras. Other product categories found on the website contain Wagyu Beef & Specialty Meats, Recipes, Cheese & Butter, Truffles & Mushrooms, Chocolate & Desserts, Pantry, Gifts, Collections, and Oil & Vinegar categories. Orders for all products can be made directly on the Gourmet Food Store website. Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Gourmet Food StoreFood is delicate, and so must be purchased from trusted sources. When we order food, we always want it to be well packaged and treated with the utmost care. If you have bought food items or shopped recipes from GourmetFood tore, we invite you to drop your candid reviews, experiences and feedbacks on LuminaBlog, as it would help others make the right choice dealing with this brand.