Are you considering going on a vacation? Now is a good time to go, relax and ease yourself of all the stress you have bottled up all year long. However, visiting a city far from where you reside means you will need a means of transportation to move around your holiday location. Moving around the city in public transport has never been a good idea, especially for a tourist, as you will encounter a number of  inconveniences however which may even make the whole trip less enjoyable. However, have you ever considered renting a car for the few days you will be away? Renting a car is much more convenient compared to using public transport. The issue however is, there are lots of car rental services out there that come with seemingly cheap offers, and yet other hidden charges embedded in the whole service - this alone is a turn-off for most people. While a lot of car rental services are not transparent in their dealings, there are a few others that offers exactly what you need. One of the car services firms which claims to offer you an all round great deal and experience is Myrentacar. Read more about this firm and what it offers on LuminaBlog. About MyrentacarMyrentacar is a company that was founded in 2011 in Montenegro. According to the founder, Myrentacar is a broker between a client and other local rental companies. It was further stated that the aim of setting up Myrentacar was to ensure that the interest and safety of any client comes first, before the interest of the rental service. Since its establishment in 2011, Myrentacar has successfully expanded to about 4 other countries which include, Georgia, Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria. Product and Services of MyrentacarMyrentacar claims to be an honest rental service that is transparent in whatever it does. According to the founder, this brand is committed to running a car hire service that doesn't spring up surprises on the customers by completely eliminating hidden charges. The company says it offers you the right description of any car of your choice with all the insurances attached to it. It also claim to go as far as writing everything down in clear and concise terms so customers can get a hang of it without requiring the services of a lawyer.Compared to other rental services, Myrentacar claims it only charges about 15 to 20% of the rental price as an advance payment, and when the customer eventually gets the car, he or she can pay the balance. This company says it makes sure that the owner of the rental service it links the customers with will personally deliver the car to the client in order to build a good relationship. Myrentacar says it makes it possible for customers not to go through the pain of a long legal process of renting a car as it explains all terms and conditions clearly, so it is easy for customers to make a quick and easy choice. Furthermore, the company claims to charge its customers a very low and fair damage rate. The company also claims to offer its clients the opportunity to track any rental services they are being linked to, to ensure they have great services while also promising to offer clients high-quality service at affordable rates.